Transparent video views-based pricing
with unlimited widget views
1,000 Video Views/Month
6,000 Video Views/Month
$5 per 1,000 additional Video Views
30,000 Video Views/Month
$4 per 1,000 additional Video Views
180,000 Video Views/Month
$3 per 1,000 additional Video Views
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Boost your visitors engagement and conversions by integrating shoppable videos into your Shopify store pages
  • Let users swipe through videos to discover the products they love, and a content they'd like to engage with.
  • Great for: Video UGC, Creator Videos, Unboxing, Product Videos, Video Reviews, and more...
  • Mimic Instagram stories, add a sense of community and trust to your Shopify store with Stories!
  • Great for: Product Highlights, New collections, Video Reviews & UGC, Unboxing, FAQs, and more…
Video Landing Pages / OFFSITE
  • Send paid traffic to video landing pages, which are automatically created in VideoPoint. Boost your conversions, especially from social, where the audience is used to consuming video. Visitors can add to cart directly from the video!
  • Great for: Paid traffic
Boost your Shopify store's key metrics
  • 100+%
  • 10+%
    Conversion Rate
  • 5+%
    Average Order Value
Setup in 5 minutes and 5 easy steps
  • Connect Instagram to import videos
  • Tag videos with products to make them shoppable
  • Add widgets into store pages
  • Convert viewers, track CR, revenue and ROI
Boost your
conversion rate
by over 10%

DTC brand on Shopify?
Turn existing Instagram videos shoppable and embed them into Shopify pages with widgets
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